Welcome to Cup of Tao!  Ancient wisdom for modern times. This podcast incorporates Taoist philosophy and modern contextual psychology principles, which are presented as educational skills and guidelines for living in today's uncertain times.  A podcast for those who have an interest in Taoism, Eastern-philosophy, and mindfulness-based skills.  

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In the final episode of this season: I talk about the theme of this podcast and my book - acceptance.


In this episode: I talk about the subject of living - truly living your life.


In this episode: I talk about the importance of having or developing and using a support system so that you don't deal with life on your own.

Harmony with Nature

In this episode: I talk about reconnecting to nature. Take time to connect, admire and respect nature and the outdoors!


In this episode: I talk about making sure you reward yourself and have ways to enjoy life around you.

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