Welcome to Cup of Tao!  Ancient wisdom for modern times. This podcast incorporates Taoist philosophy and modern contextual psychology principles, which are presented as educational skills and guidelines for living in today's uncertain times.  A podcast for those who have an interest in Taoism, Eastern-philosophy, and mindfulness-based skills.  

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People can be mean

In this episode: I talk about people who are rude and some downright mean. I talk about an example where I could have been rude, but I am glad I wasn't and about bees ...

Self Limiting Factors

In this episode: I discuss self-limiting factors that keep us stuck from being fully present and enjoying meaningful moments in life. I do a recap of mindfulness made ...

Get rid of stress?

In this episode: I introduce this podcast about Taoist philosophy combined with contextual psychology for today's uncertain times. I ask: Should we try to get rid of ...

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